Saturday, October 15, 2011

Caleb's 1st sleep-over

Yesterday was the first time Caleb has ever been invited to a sleep-over. While I was very nervous for him, he was very excited. I could just see how being in a different room at night, too many kids, not having his certain lovey items because this will make fun of him, not having his bedtime routine, etc, etc, etc would make the evening difficult for him. Honestly, my hope was that he would be influenced by the other boys there and adapt.

So the plan was for Caleb to go to the party, and my mom to watch Jansen while I went to the movies with my friend, Carmela. Welllllll, it didn't quite happen that way. I dropped the boys off at my mom's so that I could take Carmela to the hospital. She is a surrogate and is due any day now.

After a few hours at the hospital, she was sent home on bedrest, we picked up some Freebrids and trekked home. I got home to an empty house (other than the dog) and crashed.

My husband came home from working graveyards this morning to wake me up saying that I could sleep late. Ugh. He woke me up at 6am to tell me that I could sleep late. And then proceeded to tell me that Caleb didn't make it all night and that my parents picked him up late last night. That drives me insane. Don't wake me up to tell me I can sleep late. Let me sleep and write me a note on the fridge. UGH!

So I called to talk to Caleb because I know he wakes up at the crack of dawn, and he and my dad were eating breakfast tacos. He said that he had an awesome time eating pizza and telling jokes to the other boys. He was so excited that they laughed at his jokes, although they didn't really make they could have been laughing at him...but he wouldn't have known and I wouldn't tell him otherwise anyway.

He just couldn't handle the darkness of the room and not having his routine. I told him that I was extremely proud of him for trying and that he did great in making it so many hours. He seemed ok with it all, so that was good. No major meltdown but just missing home. And he was coughing a lot...which is totally strange since he wasn't coughing at all at home....maybe allergies.

Anyway, Caleb's 1st sleep-over is in the Autistic craziness noted. Success!!!!!

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