Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quick No-Sew cape

Ok, so yesterday was not a great planning day for me. There are so many things going on right now that my brain feels like a giant scrambled egg! Thank goodness for friends and co-PTO workers that are of super help right right now. I think we are down to a mental game...worrying, planning, hoping...all that jazz.

And I was really wanting to hit up Body Pump at the gym last night...until I realized that there were no capes or Superhero outfits in my boys' closet last night. Up until then, I had been busy shopping for Bunco stuff (tonight), laminating signs for Fall Festival, paying vendors, writing newsletters, cooking dinner, making marshmallow treat bags for the boys' classes (pics to come on those later)...just a non stop day. Thank you to my girl, Carmela...who is a HUGE help right now!!!!

So I ran into my craft cabinet and found just a little bit of fabric left from THIS project...enough to throw together two quick, short capes for Superhero Day at school today. Remember, we have overextended ourselves this I have no budget for crafts right Buying a cape or costume was not an option...and dang, their Halloween costumes won't work this year.

Here is what I did....

Took some felt and freehanded the Batman logo on felt and fabric glued them together.

Then I took the small piece of black fleece and wrapped it around my kiddo and guestimated. Remember, I am not a sewer and am not big on the details so I just wanted to get something on his shoulders!
I cut the edges on an angle to accommodate his arms.

I used fabric glue to make a rod pocket of sorts and ran some yellow ribbon through it.

Then, I scrunched it up a little bit and dabbed a bit of fabric glue to the ends of the pocket so the ribbon would be secure.....and added some velcro to the ends.

Last, I glued the Batman logo to the back and put it on him.
I followed the same directions to make Caleb's....although he wanted his cape to say Star Wars....whatever kiddo.

They were actually excited to wear them this morning to school. Jansen was talking about how he hopes his classmate, who loves Batman, will like his cape. We will see!

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  1. OH WOW!!!!! These are amazing!!! How in the world did you get this done?!?!? After our busy day, I went to CVS, the library and then came home and made a huge dinner, from scratch, for my ILs. :) We were both SUPER-MOMS yesterday!!!!! :D