Thursday, October 20, 2011

Soooooo, our couch broke

Yep, it broke. The day after the dentist tells us about our upcoming orthodontia woes, our couch completely broke in the middle. All the metal underpieces are shattered. UGH!

Josh and I both had totally different opinions on what we wanted to replace it with. This is no easy decision. It's an investment. You and guests sit on your couch every day.

The problem was, the layout of our living room makes things tricky as far as furniture placement goes. Certain things will work and other things will not.

So, I was more interested in something leather, or a combo of fabric and leather, a couch with a chaise, or some type of sectional. No loose back pillows!!!!

Josh wanted recliners. He wanted a couch with two recliners but the recliners in front of the TV. I was ok with that, but the space to put the couch would be too small. There would be no other way to even get into the living room short of leaping over said couch! AND he also wanted a fabric couch. HMMMMMM

We took a trip to our local furniture store with open minds. We sat in every couch, loveseat, sectional, and recliner in the store, and discussed all the logistics for every option possible. UGH.
We decided against the sectional because we couldn't find one that would be the right scale for the room. We decided against separate recliners because we would have to get a loveseat instead of the couch, thus lose seating. We finally agreed to look for a couch with built in recliners.

In the end, we found one. The heavens opened, the clouds parted, and a light shone bright on the couch that was ours. It is microfiber, but has the look of leather. COMPROMISE. It has two recliners built in with a matching loveseat with recliners. COMPROMISE. It has solid, comfy backs. YAY FOR ME. AND it has the hidden console with lights, vibrating seats, cupholders, and a cooler for drinks. YAY FOR JOSH.

This couch is a true combination of both my husband and I. We each got what we wanted. We bought the one right off the floor and got a REALLY good discount on it but we have to order the loveseat. That is fine with me, because that gives us time to sell our current loveseat.

So here are our boys playing with all the gadgets on the couch in the store....

And here it is welcomed into our living room.

We can no longer have the coffee table we have maybe I will replace it with something smaller later...or maybe not. We shall see.

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