Thursday, October 20, 2011

Menu planning and grocery shopping

Today I finally gave in and started menu planning for the next month. I have gotten way too relaxed and haven't planned anything in months, but with our mounting expenses, I really have to reign it in and get serious.

There were some pretty good deals this morning at the grocery store...made sure I checked their website before I grabbed my coupons and made my list. I am so not an extreme couponer...I just want to save where I can.

So here are the meals that I came up with for the next month:
  1. Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread
  2. Meatloaf with scalloped potatoes
  3. Hobo dinners with potatoes and carrots
  4. Chicken fettucini
  5. Taco soup
  6. Fried chicken strips and mashed potatoes
  7. Sausage gumbo
  8. Hot dogs and tator tots
  9. Taco salad
  10. Lasagna
  11. Veggie medley
  12. Sausage with broccoli and mac and cheese
  13. Breakfast for dinner
  14. Cold spaghetti salad
  15. Stuffed bell peppers
  16. Chicken stir fry with rice
  17. Pizza
  18. Fajitas and refried beans
  19. Hamburger helper and veggies
  20. Chicken helper and veggies
Planning 20 meals gives us the chance to pick from the list and still have several days of leftovers.

Lunches for the kids include sandwiches, goldfish, chips, and muffins.

Breakfasts include: cereal, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and toast, cinnamon rolls, and homemade kolaches.

Snacks include: fruit, yogurt, granola bars, cheese, and peanut butter crackers.

Today was a personal grocery best! For our meals listed above, without having to return to the store for our perishables such as milk and more fruit as the month goes on...I spent $169. I have never spent less than $200 a month, but today I cashed in almost $40 of coupons :). YAY!!!

I will have to go back to the store next week, because I am hosting bunco and I want to get some fresh items to make a salad and such.

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