Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is in full swing at our school. Here is what we have had so far:
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday- Crazy hat, hair, or sock day
Wednesday- Sports team day

I didn't get a picture of my boys wearing red this week, but I did get some of the hats and jerseys. The boys chose their hats and chose not to do crazy socks....I was bummed but they are the ones that have to wear them, not me.

Jansen wore his Goofy hat we got at Disney World when he was 2.
He thought that it was Monster Mutt Dalmation and ran around the park in a diaper, t-shirt, and hat yelling Monster Mutt Dalmation in his cute 2-year old lisp.

Today, instead of wearing the traditional Texans jerseys, Nana got them A&M jerseys (Gig Em) and they chose to wear those. :)

On to tomorrow....Super Hero day. I have yet to figure out what they will do for it. Maybe just wear a superhero shirt. They don't have a costume or anything...and I am not buying anything new right now. I am sure we can dig something out of the back of their closets to work.

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