Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monogram pumpkin

Yeah, Fall decor is pretty minimal...but this was easy and cute if I do say so myself.

Our local dollar store had this little beauty in the discount bin.....yes little pumpkin, you will get in my cart with the milk and juice...

She was a little boring, so I grabbed a sharpie and freehanded a "P" on the front.

She was still a little boring, so I rummaged through my junk drawer and found some plain, orange ribbon that came off of a package. But it was orange. I couldn't find any black. Bummer.

So out came the sharpie again and I drew little polka dots on the ribbon and then tacked it to the top.

She has so much more personality than now...and we all know that adding more accessories makes you look thinner...

and all for $4 :)


  1. you did that "P" freehand?!?!?!?!? WOW! minimal and cute-yes, but it has a BIG impact. I am just so impressed. =0)

  2. Love your personality pumpkin. And yes she does look thinner. :-) I am a new follower from DIY Thrifty Thursday. Vicky from