Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dental issues

So today was our childrens' 6 month dental checkups...both of which, turned out well for now. No cavities, good hygiene, and prizes all around.

BUT...and it is a BIG BUT.....

One hygienist told me Caleb will be needing braces in about 2 years...
and the other hygienist told me Jansen will need a retainer next year to help correct a tongue thrust problem.

Although the thrust is so much better than it was last year, it is creating some problems with the spacing of his teeth as well as his bite.


Both hygienists said, "Start saving now."

Thank you Lord that we have insurance, both medical and dental. We are blessed that my husband has a good job with good benefits....but several dental procedures and accessories are not covered...such is life.

So tomorrow I change my Christmas Club Account to a Caleb and Jansen's Dental Account.

I hate to say that my children got my teeth.

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