Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wheel of Prizes game

Our school's festival is coming up November 4th and we are in full crazy planning mode. Most of the things that we got out of storage were not usable, and because the past few years nothing has changed, we are trying to come up with new games and start all over. That adds a lot of extra pressure in the short term...but hopefully will make subsequent years easier.

We took a trip to our storage building to see what games we had left over, and to get rid of the things that were no longer functional. We found two different games that I knew I could revamp and make useful. We are a small school that has a large majority of the "economically disadvantaged", so our budget is tight. We have to revamp where we can.

Originally this game was a Wheel of Fortune type game for Earth Day.
It had the earth painted in the center and had activities all around the edges. It was made well, but didn't function for Earth Day anymore.

So I decided to repaint and add some fun prizes just for something extra for the kids to do, and came up with this.....

It will be sitting right next to our PTO table at the festival where we take memberships, sell shirts, and advertise. Not bad for FREE!

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