Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New haircut with pink extensions

Today, I got a haircut and a little new color! YESSSSSS.

The girl cut off a little over 6 inches of hair. If it had been a few inches longer we could have donated the hair to Locks of Love. Dang....

But....I did get a couple hot pink extensions put in...and the proceeds from that goes to the Mermaid Project, which is local foundation that works with people dealing with breast cancer. Such a fantastic program in our area. If you would like more information of the Mermaid Project, visit their website....HERE

So here are the results....

I am so happy with it! Amanda at UrbanEve did a phenomenal job!!!! Urban Eve is a salon that is totally civic minded, locally and globally. They have a boutique that features products that are made by and benefit women in cool is that?! The salon is always making contributions to local schools, other countries, etc. I love it!!!! Anyway, that is just my two cents...I think they are pretty spectacular.

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