Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day #12...a losing battle

Yay! I am losing! This morning my weight went down another pound! That is 5.5 pounds in a few days. On the other side, today has been incredibly tough. I ate some tuna and it was AWFUL! Tuna and I are not friends. The only tuna I like is the Incredible Mr. Limpet...wait, was he a tuna? Whatever. I do not like tuna. Put it in the celery category of "I am never going to eat this again." Headaches abound today, with me taking a total of 4 excedrin migraine.

Nada going on. Well I cannot possibly say 'nothing'. I have scheduled numbers 2, 8, 23, and 30, but I am not going to blog about it until these are complete. And thank you to Amber K. who graciously loaned me a copy of The Lovely Bones, which I read half of today and find it completely riveting. Now I cannot wait to see the movie, which will be totally different and that is ok!

Today, I made a donation to charity, American Idol: Idol Gives Back. Those poor families just break my heart, both domestically and internationally. I am so blessed, so how can I just sit in my comfortable home on a DIET when there are starving families only a few states away? Mark off #26. Tomorrow I will be working on more donations to charity. Obviously I support Autism Speaks, however I will be making a local donation to one of my favorite places, Helping Hands and Hearts, benefitting our local hospice. I cannot say enough about the wonders of hospice. They provide an amazingly comforting service during one of the most difficult situations.

As today rolls to an end, I am happy with my progress, but am really ready for this to be over. Blogging every single day is a committment that I am getting bored of..and I am sure that my 2 readers are as well. Major ramblings. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Amber, I've been enjoying reading your posts. Keep up the good work! COngrats on the weight loss!

    Kelly (Johnstone) Garrison