Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day #18...a little like Donna Reed

Today I was feeling a little like Donna Reed, with my own 2010 spin on it. Actually, it was just me wearing my usual sweat pants and t-shirt while I cleaned house....with my favorite pair of red patent heels. This was actually a funny and eye opening experience.

Looking back at the 50's when women wore beautiful dresses, had their hair perfectly rolled and pinned, and wore heels everywhere, I realized that there is no possible way that could be done now. I don't know about anyone else, but when I clean, my hair is in a ponytail, I am wearing sweats, and I am in fact actually sweating. How in the world could women clean house and keep themselves clean. I mean there is bleach involved for crying out loud!

Have you ever cleaned toilets in high heels? It is a completely new experience. There is a balance issue to contend with as well as being a completely different height. I felt much slower, more uncoordinated, and so not Donna Reed. Reality check...bummer.

But on the up side, the house is clean, my windows are open letting a nice cool breeze in, laundry is done, Jansen is snacking happily, and I am beginning hour #3 waiting for the guy to come measure for our granite countertops. Today has been the BEST day!!!

Oh, and mark off #29, wear high heels while cleaning the house. :)

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  1. Dooood you inspired me, I think I might have to try that. I have a little aline swingy dress that I might wear too...and um a cute apron. I want to see what that balance issue is all about! LOL