Monday, April 26, 2010

Day #17...some movies are just not for me

Marking off #8 is a little like cheating, but I tried it, and just couldn't do it. I have always prided myself on the fact that there are several trendy band-wagons that I just could not get on board with. Let's make a little list:

1. The Harry Potter series-books and movies
2. Star Wars-never saw a single one all the way through
3. The Lord of the Rings-nope, no, no
4. The Chronicles of Narnia-again, no
5. The Twilight series-not a book, not a movie

Those style of movies just are not in my interested category. But I challenged myself to watch one Harry Potter movie before I turned 30. So Josh rented it On Demand and we sat down to watch it. Honestly, I made it about 30 minutes into it, and just couldn't finish it. Truly, it was painful. It ranked right up with Existenz, which was in fact the worst movie ever made. Ugh.

I did my best.

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