Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day #13..dreaded number 13

The scary number 13 had no effect on my day today. Overall, a much better day than yesterday, although as of this morning, I was sure that today would be the day I passed out. The same headache has been circling my head for 4 days now, but after the first dose of Excedrine this morning, it has not returned. I have followed my diet to the T and this morning had lost another 1.2 pounds!

My energy level through the day is increasing so there is definitely a light at the end of this diet tunnel.

Mark #9 off my list, read an entire book, specifically, THE LOVELY BONES. Incredible book. This was a complete page-turner for me. It was intriguing, cativating, haunting, mystifying, and any other -ing you could think of. I cannot wait to see the movie, although I am preparing myself for it to be completely different.

Short post, good day, working my way toward marking off #6.

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