Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day #6....baking, caking, and coloring

Today I started baking the cake for Josh's grandparents' anniversary party. I have the biggest respect for those cake bakers and decorators out there, as this is very time consuming and artistic. Absolutely could never do this for a living!!! For the most part, I spent the day in the kitchen, baking and organizing. About half way through, I noticed that a pack of couplers I bought about 2 weeks ago were missing. UGH! It always annoys me when I am in the middle of something and have found the groove and everything comes to a halt. So a trip to Hobby Lobby was then called for.

Good thing that happened though, because I totally forgot about a check that had been sitting in my car for a week, just begging to be deposited. Thank goodness that I finished it, and it is pretty good for my first time at something like this. I found some major mistakes and figured out how to do things differently. Here are the pics, because I LOVE pics...

Being cooped up in the kitchen all day makes me start to itch and gives me a tic, so I stopped to address THE LIST. Today was the day to color my hair. Jansen had tried to help all day in the kitchen and was begging to help with this. Absolutely not. Honestly, I would prefer that he be playing with his monster trucks as opposed to joining me in domesticity. Not that teaching children to be clean and self-sufficient in the kitchen is a bad thing, but I think that in combination with coloring Mom's hair crosses the line. But I colored my own hair. Mark off #22...Pictures for proof of the before and after...(Please ignore the lack of makeup and flat iron).

Oh and this post was written on Thursday and then I fell asleep on the couch and didn't post it until Friday. So Friday will get two posts. Lucky Friday.

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