Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let the countdown begin...

So here is the final list:

1. work out on my elliptical for 30 minutes, non-stop
2. get my Autism tattoo
3. learn to French braid
4. read a chapter a day in my bible
5. be able to run one lap around our track, non-stop
6. lose 10 pounds
7. plant a tree
8. watch 1 Harry Potter movie
9. Read a book from start to finish
10. swim in the ocean
11. for one day, tell everyone like it is
12. cut soda out of my diet for 30 days
13. write a song
14. bake bread from scratch
15. walk on the beach at night with my husband
16. play in the rain
17. write a letter to my future self
18. paint something
19. blog for 30 days about the list I am creating
20. eat a brusel sprout and a piece of celery
21. fire a gun
22. color my own hair
23. take a class
24. learn basic knitting and make something
25. buy something from an infomercial
26. donate to a charity
27. go to the movies by myself and feel confident about it
28. laugh until my sides hurt
29. wear high heels while cleaning my house (just because I think that is funny)
30. attend a concert

Day one, with no soda. I don't think I have ever gone for 30 days without having even a sip of soda, even though Cokes hate me. It would be nice to go ahead and mark this off the list, but in all honesty, I have no idea if I will have the will power to not have any form of soda. I am seriously beginning to wonder if will power is for losers.


  1. Hey Hey Lady!!! I have a delish recipe for brussel sprouts if you want it...and a copy of the lovely bones if you want me to send it!!!
    I love your list!!! Totally doable!

  2. Yeah girl, send me the recipe. I have some major texture issues so the celery is going to be difficult. But I have never had a brussel now is the time!