Monday, April 12, 2010

Day #3....I'm addicted

We are knee-deep into Day #3 and I have found that I am addicted to Cokes. This is sad to admit, especially since I only drink a root beer or two a week on average. But unfortunately, the minute I feel denied, is the minute I crave. No caving in though. The crankiness and headaches will subside.

I completed 30 more minutes on my elliptical this morning, and Josh and I took Jansen to eat lunch at Chili's after preschool. Josh ordered some boneless buffalo wings and I soon found my chance to eat a piece of celery. I have to say, it was terrible. The strings made me want to gag, and even dunking it in ranch dressing didn't make it any more palatable. It was just gross and I will not be eating celery EVER AGAIN. On the upside, half of #20 is taken care of.
Paint has been chosen for the niche in our hallway. I am hoping to get that taken care of tomorrow. On a super happy note, our trip to Lowes gave us some great ideas for our kitchen. We have always wanted granite, so we took a look at the supply. After looking at all the samples of corian, silestone, quartz, and granite...we finally picked the perfect countertop. Granite was the most inexpensive and would stand up to some major wear and tear, so we are having the guys come out to give us an estimate. We might be getting granite countertops!!! That is a major dream of mine. Let's hope that this works out.

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