Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #9...warm, yummy goodness...

Oh Sunday, you take forever to get here and then breeze by so quickly. It has rained all day today, and while I could have killed two birds with one stone on my list today, I just really didn't feel like playing in the rain today. Laziness took over and the kids and Josh played games while I napped on the couch. Oh beautiful slumber, you are elusive. I miss you and love when we can spend time together in bliss.

Opportunity arose to bake some bread this afternoon. Now rather than make a typical yeast bread, which I definitely want to make soon, I decided upon a delicious looking Chocolate Banana Bread. Since everyone in this house eats banana bread, it seemed like the obvious choice. However, tomorrow I will be beginning a diet with my friend, Brandyn, and banana bread shall not be on the menu.

Mark off #14, bake bread from scratch.

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