Friday, April 9, 2010

Lists of Life...

Ugh! Now that 30 is staring me straight in the face (insert ominous and moody music here), I have decided to make a list of the 30 things I would like to do in the 30 days before I turn 30. Sadly, I am unable to come up with even 10. Maybe that is more depressing than actually turning, turning 30 is depressing.

I will post my list, but don't read too much into it, as it is a work in progress. And hey...the physical fitness part of this is sad, but true. I am horribly out of shape and need to start somewhere, so I listed my beginner goals. Without further ado...I give you 30 Things I Would Like To Do In The 30 Days Before I Turn 30!!!!! (Maybe that title could be longer but I felt inspired by the song, "Standing outside a broken telephone booth with money in my hand.")

1. Work out on my elliptical for 30 minutes, non-stop
2. Get my Autism tattoo
3. Learn to French braid
4. Read a chapter a day in my bible
5. Run one lap at the track, non-stop
6. Lose 10 pounds
7. Plant a tree
8. Watch one Harry Potter movie (UGH)
9. Read The Lovely Bones

As you can obviously see, I am an adrenaline junkie ;). Hopefully I can add to this, so that the title makes sense...AND these are in no particular order, I just hope to complete them all. May 10....I dread you, ugly day of sadness. Let me go think a little more about this list....

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  1. 30 is AMAZING!! Just think, you've had your kids, you know who you are, you're blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful life!! I'd take 30 over 20 anyday!! I LOVE being 30 (ok, I'm 31 now). I think this decade is gonna be one of the best for you Amber!!