Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day #8 Watch out she's packing heat!

Mark off #21, fire a gun. I was scared to death, but Josh took me out to his parents house before the anniversary party for a quick tutorial. They live out in the country and have a good sized pond that we shot at. The first gun I shot was the Desert Eagle. Now we couldn't I have started out with something easier like a small pistol or a .22? I pulled the trigger and squeeled like a little girl. Then I realized that I didn't have earmuffs on, so Josh's dad gave me a pair of his. Then came the big AR-15 Assault Rifle. This is one I didn't want to shoot, but Josh convinced me that contrary to it's size, this one would be easier to shoot than the Desert Eagle. That one I shot three times, and was done. No need to shoot any more guns, unless I can get a purple handgun that I can put rhinestones on, then I am in.

The grandparents' anniversary party was a success and we all ate way too much yummy food. There is something about having a party that make you feel like eating a small boatload of food. Here are some pictures of the family celebrating Buddy and Bernice Simmons 60th Anniversary

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